A conventional energy drink

artificial, synthetic caffeine
 lots of sugar & artificial additives
 usual “energy drink taste”




 natural caffeine from the green tea plant & coffee beans
natural energy gained from fruits & nuts through quckily available carbs
 delicious flavours
 valuable fibres & fats

A cup of coffee


 I’m afraid nothing else
 bitter coffee taste

Energy to go. Always with you.


At the office or university.

In the morning, on the road or in between.

Before & during sport.

Das sagen unsere Kunden….

Frequently asked questions

How much caffeine is in a WINGMAN bar?

A WINGMAN bar contains 80 mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans and green tea leaves. This amount is similar to that of a double espresso. Due to the caffeine cobination from the 2 different sources, our WINGMAN has a very pleasant and long-lasting effect.

Where does the chocolate or fruit taste come from?

With our WINGMAN bars, we have made sure that we create an alternative to the classic coffee taste. Natural caffeine, which together with crisp nuts and sweet fruits, offers a real taste experience.

When should I eat the bars?

You can eat the WINGMAN bars whenever your mind needs new power. During work or after lunch. It always gives you new energy. Before the workout, it prepares you for the stresses. Just before bedtime you should resist our delicious energy bars.

Are the WINGMAN bars really so natural?

Yes! Our WINGMAN contain 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives. That’s why they proudly wear the vegan logo. In addition, our bars are also 100% gluten-free. For a kick with a clear conscience.

So wirkt WINGMAN…